The Mindful Midlife
Live Course – 3 x sessions


Saturday 30th January

Saturday 6th February
Saturday 13th February 

4.30 – 6pm (uk time)
online – private group
£45 / £35 if booked by 25th January 2021

To Book please email:
You will then be sent a form to complete, and payment info.

Please note: the group size is limited 12 max.


The Mindful Midlife

What is midlife and are you ‘feeling’ it?

Midlife is a relatively unexplored phase in our life, in terms of proactive practices and engagement. For birth, puberty and older age, there are umpteen books, courses, guidance, rituals and the rest. But for midlife, apart from going to see a therapist, not much is offered or talked about.

It is a time in life usually defined by age, and often with negative implications or associations. However, it is more than possible to be in midlife and meet the challenges and changes it brings not only with tools, more ease and knowledge, but with a whole new perspective that is positive and deepens our connection to ourselves and life itself. This is the inspiration and foundation of The Mindful Midlife – a three week live course that will be offered as a private group circle.

Course content:

Saturday 30th January 4.30 – 6pm:   Entering the Space, Willingly

-introductions and what we sense and how we feel about midlife
-intentions, dreams and needs
-current challenges
-how to be in the circle with others so that it benefits you, and each other
-what is meditation, mindfulness and compassion and how can these practices support us in this time of midlife
-live guided practices, dialogue, reflections
-homework (for the week ahead)

Saturday 6th February 4.30 – 6pm:   Working With Ourselves (letting go of the struggle)

-prioritising: needs, challenges
-strategy: formulating a strategy that can be –  as well as evolve/be adapted – to become your foundation for wellbeing during
this time
-working with, and not against – what does that mean?
-physical, emotional and spiritual practices to support you during this time
-reflections and insights

Saturday 13th February 4.30 – 6pm:   Opportunity and Adventure

-reframing this time as fertile soil for growth and preparation for time ahead
-what do I need?
-sustaining our priorities
-possibilities for the circle to support one another

This course does not aim to fix, solve or therapise individual issues or health problems. For that, you need individual guidance and teaching. However, the course does aim to provide you with a workable foundation for your wellbeing during this time in life, and hopefully inspire and inform you in ways that are uplifting as well as useful.

Group size limited to foster the connection that is necessary for this kind of course to have real impact – rather than a passing of time or lip service to the topic!

I will hold the space and guide and navigate. But at the same time, the sessions will be co-creative: that’s a fancy way of saying, we will be present to the moment and allow for flexibility depending on the needs and character of participants. Saying that, there will be formal structure, time-keeping, content to get through and homework! (Nice homework…the kind you will enjoy and can do as much or little of as you have the energy for).

NOTES for this course:

To be part of this course, email me at: 
I will send you a form which is partly a health-and-safety thing (bureaucracy), but partly so that we can both check this is the right course for you.
Presuming all is fine, I’ll send you info on how to prepare for the course ahead and the payment info.

You’ll need to have your video on for each of the sessions. This is for the real-life connection that is a vital component to the efficacy of the course.

If you cannot attend all three sessions, best wait till I run it again. You kinda need all three to make it impactful.
All bookings are non-refundable.
The course is priced exceptionally reasonably, but do not doubt its depth based on that!

I look forward to hearing from you if you think this course if for you.

-illustration ‘Midlife’, by Tom Ford (the artist, not the fashion designer)