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“We have been doing weekly yoga lessons with Divya for over three years. We had never done yoga before, and started off hoping it would be a gentle way of improving our physical fitness. Divya has been a wonderful yoga teacher. She makes each lesson different, varying the rhythm, the nature of the exercises, and the intensity, depending on the time of the day and how energetic we are.”

“She has a calm yet cheerful persona. She is gentle while encouraging us and pushing us to explore how far we can go with a particular pose. She tailored her initial lessons very well to our physical limitations as beginners.


“Learning yoga has also very subtly changed how we react to situations and to physical stress. In our busy lives, even with fulfilling jobs, the yoga lesson is now a highlight of our week.”

Shanti and Satya, Consultant Doctors, London


Private Yoga and Meditation Tuition can be offered to you as a regular weekly home practice, or a set number of sessions, or prearranged ad hoc.

For private yoga classes, I tailor each session to  meet your:

  • level of yoga experience
  • physicality
  • health needs
  • mindset
  • energy on the day

For private meditation classes, I advise 4 sessions for newcomers, to learn techniques and have a foundation for a practice for life.
Mentoring and guidance also offered for experienced practitioners.

I always think and reflect carefully about how to help you the best I can, as well as challenge you in ways that lead to progress.

Private tuition offered for Individuals, Couples, Friends, Groups and Workplace employees.

Classes can be conducted in your home, or a room/studio hired in a mutually convenient locality.

Cost per session: by arrangement

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