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REGULAR HATHA YOGA CLASS: Monday 6.30 – 7.30pm
Livestream Online £8 per class
All levels of experience welcome.
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“Divya’s evening classes bring me back home to myself, to here and now, after spending a whole day in my head and disconnected from my body. Under her care and guidance I leave the studio feeling quiet and grounded. Pure experience based, body led, unapologetic practice of radical acceptance. Really grateful that such a generous teaching is available to me.”
-Marta, Consultant, Hampstead


West Hampstead Yoga has been running since 2007, with a regular weekly offering of evening classes and weekends events.

What started out as a Monday night Yoga evening class, has grown into a community. As well as Hatha Yoga, there are courses and day events offering an opportunity to go deeper into yoga and experience longer periods or practice.

More than 1,500 men and women, locals and those from afar, spanning ages from 16 to 70+, have crossed the threshold and taken a class at West Hampstead Yoga since it begun. There is a core of regulars who have been attending for as long as I’ve been teaching, and we have evolved and continue to develop, on the yogic path together.

Following the pandemic of 2020, this class has been taken online and is now hosted by local community studio Yogaloft London. The class approach, style, offering and intentions remain the same.

I call these Monday Night Classes a path and a journey: and it is open to all, whatever stage in life you find yourself.
Whether you are looking to sustain and nourish a decent all round yoga practice, are seeking a practice and teacher to help you develop your whole being, or just want unwind your mind and body after work, this class will be suitable for you.

Hatha Yoga with Divya

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