Welcome to the digital home of London based yogi Divya Kohli. Here you will find Divya’s teaching and offerings that include and go beyond the physical postures and movements of yoga to touch all layers of the whole being: our inner life and how we are in the world . Divya’s decades of training, practice and continued study infuse meditation, pranayama and the deep roots of the ancient art and science of yoga into her classes and courses. Come look around..


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What is Mindfulness?

If your eyes rolled at the title and you nearly didn’t get even this far into the article, I wouldn’t blame you. While mindfulness is as old as the human race, the very word mindfulness has spread in recent times, and quickly so, into modern day lexicon and become an industry spanning a whole genre…

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For The Whole Being

Yoga is an ancient practice and philosophy designed to touch and balance all parts of our being.  Senior Yoga teacher Divya consciously studies and offers the practice in a way that honours this intention: so that it affects our Whole Being.

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Learn more about the various styles of yoga that Divya teaches. If you’re searching for a vigorous practice or something a bit more gentle – there is certainly something to suit your needs no matter what level you’re at.

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Special Event

Deep Rest Yoga Retreat – October 19th – 21st, 2018, Surrey

This is a special Weekend retreat designed to give you a path to rebalancing and restoring your body and sense of wellbeing.

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About Divya


Divya Kohli is a senior level (500hr International Yoga Alliance accredited) yoga teacher, and a regular yoga and meditation practitioner since 2000, Divya’s classes are based on classical Hatha Yoga practice and philosophy. Meditation and breathing techniques are included in each session.

Inspiration is drawn from eastern sources as well as modern psychological thought. She has experienced the strong discipline of eastern yoga and meditation teacher training, been inspired by great practitioners teaching here in the West, and worked her way through a series of foundation, intermediate and advance teaching courses.

She teaches with the bigger picture in mind: we’re doing Yoga so that we can find and experience an optimal state of being, and we are sitting in Meditation to help us navigate the ebbs and flows of life in a way that serves us authentically and the wider community we live in.

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Deep Rest Retreat Weekend
October 19th – 21st 2018  &
March 15th – 17th 209
– Surrey, UK

This is a special residential weekend designed to give you a path to rebalancing and restoring your body and sense of wellbeing.


  • Breathing techniques for moderating stress, anxiety and restlessness
  • Yoga postures, using props, specifically designed for releasing deep held physical tension
  • Understanding how the state of the body and our mental state influence each other
  • Eastern spiritual wisdom on finding peace, applied to modern day living
  • Setting up a personal home practice
  • Tool kit for managing stress in daily life




Yoga for Energy Balance (through Chakras)
Sunday 11th November 3.15 – 5.45pm
Queens Park, London


The Yogic system outlines 7 key energetic points in the body. Each of these points (called Chakras) is where a series of powerful physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies meet and cross.

Balancing energies at these points is one of the purposes of Hatha Yoga practice, and knowing about Chakras can help us master our own wellbeing.

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“Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are our gardeners.”

–William Shakespeare

One To One

Private Yoga One to One with Divya

Private Classes With Divya

If you feel a calling to go deeper into your personal practice perhaps a private lesson with Divya is right for you.

Classes can be conducted in your home, or a room/studio hired in a mutually convenient locality.

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