Classes and Descriptions

Through a mindful practice of Yoga and Meditation, Divya aims to help her students develop a stronger body, calmer mind and true sense of self.

I teach in a way so that yoga’s therapeutic benefits are optimised. I encourage fluidity of movement and thought – even when holding still in a posture, we can breathe life into the body and explore on a non-verbal level.

Through such a practice, one has access to self-discovery, a stronger connection to one’s true values and to what is positive in the world around us.

Classes are always respectful of individual need and context.

Yoga Offered:
Hatha  – postures and breathwork based on fundamental principles of the ancient science, art and practice of Yoga. A mix of stretches and flow.
Yin – long held postures designed to stretch areas of the body, stimulate energy centres,  rebalance the functioning of organs, and bring a state of calm and wholeness
Restorative  – long held supported postures for deep stress release, rejuvenation of the body’s systems and for a calmer mind and state of being.
Yoga Therapeutics – sequences of movement, breathwork and relaxation techniques to meet individual health and wellbeing needs.
Breathing – yoga breathwork for every day calming and balancing, and also the therapeutic application of breathing techniques where appropriate.


Meditation Offered:
Mindfulness based Meditation – the practice of developing a calmer wiser and compassionate state of being, based on the principles of mindfulness. Proven to help reduce stress and anxiety and increase a sense of contentment and aliveness.
Learn Meditation  –  arrange for a PRIVATE meditation class with Divya please click here to learn more
Workplace Mindfulness Meditation  – arrange yoga, or meditation practice, or both in your workplace, click here

Weekly Classes
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