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Walking Towards Your True Self

How to turn walking into an act of mindfulness and for finding connection.

Feature article in Planet Mindful magazine
September 2019,
written by Divya Kohli

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Walking and mindfulness

How To Meditate When You’re Tired 

Do you get sleepy when you try to meditate? Here’s why and what you can
you do about it.

Feature article in Planet Mindful magazine
August 2019,
written by Divya Kohli

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How to meditate when you're tired

Yoga and Creativity

Interview on Marginally: a podcast about writing, work and friendship

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In this  interview, we end up talking about: complacency versus acceptance, how to keep up with a passion without over exerting – or abandoning it, relationship between meditation and writing, and a bit about my journey from newspaper journalist to yoga teacher (also unscripted and totally unplanned for…)

Marginally Yoga with Divya

Podcast Interview: Globalise Asian

Interview: Journey to becoming a Yoga Instructor

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The existence of Yoga can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago. The early writings on yoga were transcribed on the palm leaves that were easily damaged, destroyed or lost. In spite the lack of written transcripts, Yoga has grown organically out of India and embedded itself into the world’s wellness regime.  Our guest today is Divya Kohli, she is a Yogini, who gave up her Media career to pursue the world of Yoga. Let’s find out her journey of discovering Yoga and embracing it to become a Yoga instructor.

Globalise Asian interview with Divya Kohli

Mind Body Connection: how your mind affects your body and the latest scientific
discoveries that prove this.

Feature article in Balance, London lifestyle and wellbeing magazine.
July 2018.


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Read article: Mind Body Connection, Balance Magazine

Guiding Principles for a ‘Successful’ Yoga Practice

Contributed to feature article in Red magazine.
August 2017.

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Guiding Principles for Yoga Practice