Divya's Trainings and Certifications

-The Earth Gate Course – trauma informed mindfulness practice
Training course in theory, practice and application of mindfulness for resiliency, emotional regulation, inner strength and managing societal and ancestral trauma. Led by Dr Larry Ward. November 2020.

-Compassion Focused Therapy Training – Introductory Level
Intensive training in Compassion Focused Therapy, Foundations: conceptualising compassion from evolutionary, psychological, scientific and philosophical perspectives and application of compassion as a tool for wellbeing and peace. June 2020

– Mental Health Training for Yoga Teachers   
Professional development course. Learning and training in trauma-informed yoga teaching, understanding of mental health and disorders; and teaching methodology taking into account social justice as well as individual health. Oct. 2019

Meditation Teacher and Mindfulness Facilitator 
Meditation training in India, US and the UK, with immersions in Insight Meditation and Vipassana.
Formal professional training and accreditation through MIND (UK’s largest mental health charity and foundation). Sept. 2017 – 2018

Advanced Yoga Teacher Qualified (Yoga Alliance) March 2018
Awarded on criteria of hours’ and years’ of teaching, credits acquired from continued professional development training, and further skills and experience in restorative, yin, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Certificate, with Barefoot Body
Training in the anatomy, somatic psychology and trauma-sensitivity as well as yoga philosphy texts and growing body of work in Emboded Sanskrit towards this for experienced teachers-only training qualification. Achievement of this award completing hours and experience towards Yoga Alliance Advanced Teacher Qualification (as above).

-Yoga Nidra Immeresion, with Kamina Desai of the Amrit Institute
Study and practice in the philosophy, history (from ancient texts to modern day), neuroscience, and modern day applications of  Yoga Nidra with Kamina Desai, a world leading authority on Yoga Nidra and the Eduction Director of the Amrit Institute (USA). 

– Immersion in Classical Yoga practice and philosophy with Ranjiv and Swati Chanchani
Weekend intensive with these Master teachers who studied with Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar and have been studying and developing their yoga teaching in north India since the 1970s. They teach the fundamentals of yoga philosophy and practice as presented in the Yoga Sutras and ancient Indian texts. They developed Yoga for children and young people and are behind the introduction of Yoga to the national curriculum in Indian schools. (London, April 2017)

– Pranayama Foundation Immersion and Teacher Training with Phillip Xerri

3 day residential training in learning, applying and teaching of the Foundation and Classical Pranayamas (yogic techniques to balance energy, modulate energy, adapt energy of the mind, body and spirit), led by whom is considered to be the UK and Europe’s leading authority on Pranayama practice and teaching (Cambridge, July 2016)

– Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with Sue Flamm

4 day residential course, Belgium. Learning the practice, philosophy and teaching methodology of the Puja Method of Restorative Yoga – for compassionate living, teaching and yoga practice (Belgium, January 2-16)

– Anusara Immersion with Bridget Woods Kramer, in depth study of Anusara.

A Hatha Yoga system that combines concise bio-mechanical principles of physical and energetic alignment  with heart-orientated Tantric philosophy. Bridget is internationally renowned and respected, and has been teaching since the 1980s. She is considered a leading light in the field of Yoga in the UK. (London, January – July 2014)

– Training with Julie Martin

World-renowned Vinyasa Flow teacher, (London), September 2013-Intensives, asana and pranayama, with Clive Sheridan (authentic guru, master of both Tantra and Advaita traditions, teaching across he world since the 1970s), (London) July 2013

– Yoga for Lower Back and Upper Back Care, with Annie Carpenter (London), 2013

– Training & intensive with Bobby Clennell

(Senior Teacher at New York Iyengar Institute, and long time – 40 years- student of BKS  Iyengar), 2013

– Restorative Yoga with Annie Carpenter(senior teacher at Exhale, California), 2012

– Training with AadhilPalkivala (The “Teacher’s Teacher”), 2012

– Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Paul Grilley (considered the father of modern Yin Yoga), philosophy, practice and teaching over 5 days (August 2011, London)

– Yoga Therapeutics (Teacher Training) with Bo Forbes (London), 2011

– Anatomy with Judith Lasater, (London), 2010

– Yin Yoga & Mindfulness, Rishikesh, (India), 2003

– Yoga Therapy, Jag Therapy, Mysore, (India), 2007

– Senior Accredited Hatha Yoga Teacher, International Yoga Alliance Yoga Instructor
(India 2005 – 2006)

– British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Diploma (London) 2003-  2004

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