Experience deeply the most restorative yoga posture of all.

Saturday 21st November, 3 – 5pm uk time

£18 / £15 early bird (book by 14th Nov) – book here






Savasana, the Sanskrit name for Corpse Pose, is most commonly known as that ‘laying down at the end of a yoga class and relaxing pose’. It is that, but so much more, and potentially the deepest and most powerful yoga posture of all.

This afternoon event is dedicated wholly to: Savasana

Come and learn and above all experience:

-what is Savasana, from the yoga philosophical perspective, scientific view and modern day need for de-stressing

-physical, mental, emotional benefits

-main components that make a Savasana restorative and healing

-3 variations (3 practices) – each of 20 minutes

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