Yoga for Stress and Fatigue Support

Saturday 15th May, 2.30-4.30pm uk time
£20  (£15 low waged/unwaged)
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Live Online Workshop

An easeful, non-pressured yoga workshop offering techniques, practices and philosophy for meeting and managing stress, fatigue or symptoms of burnout.

Yoga, practised and approached in certain ways, can provide comfort, relief and steadiness to help navigate periods of ongoing stress and fatigue. Yoga can also offer mental and physical support for those experiencing burnout, or are sensing burnout on the horizon.

This workshop will share ways to adapt and select practices from yoga and mindfulness with the intention of supporting your health and mental wellbeing.

It is open to anyone experiencing ongoing stress and fatigue. The workshop may also provide benefit for those experiencing stress related symptoms (physical and mental) related to a chronic health condition.

Coming together in a space of understanding and mutual support will contribute to the benefits of the workshop. Coming to terms with understanding what we are experiencing and developing a nurturing mental approach to that is a big part of healing.

Content will include:

-Restorative yoga practice

-Compassion meditation

-Exploration of ways to manage stress, looking at mindset and attitude

-Yoga nidra

-Opportunity to ask questions.

*If you are unsure if this workshop is appropriate for you, or if you are currently receiving medical treatment, please email

About the Teacher

Divya is a senior accredited Hatha Yoga Teacher, an advanced accredited Restorative Yoga Teacher, a professionally trained Mindfulness Facilitator, and a yoga and meditation practitioner since 1999.

She has personal experience of chronic fatigue, chronic illness (endometriosis), and major life events that have impacted on her health and wellbeing. Her first-hand learning of coming through these conditions and events inform her yoga practice and teaching, as does her ongoing study of yoga help to inform her understanding of stress, fatigue and how we take care of ourselves in everyday life.