About Restorative Yoga

“Surrender opens the door to receiving” – Panache Desai

Restorative Yoga allows the body to feel supported…
From there the breath can find even flow and balance…
From their the mind quietens…
And it is then that we can find genuine rest, renewal and comfort. 

Yoga was originally conceived as a science and art. Restorative Yoga is a modern embodiment of the the science and art of Rest.

It is a practice growing in popularity, unsurprisingly, in these modern stress-filled times. More and more individuals are turning to and discovering the benefits of proactively seeking rest, and finding in it a strategy that can be used for self support in a busy, accelerated world.

The Practice

  • yoga-inspired postures with the use of props (which do not have to be necessarily ‘yoga’ props)
  • simple breathing techniques and breath awareness
  • mindfulness to broaden perspective, accept what arises and to relax into what is there

Does it work?

Studies carried out into a number of scenarios looking at the effects of Retorative Yoga on: the brain, physical functioning of the body, psychology, nervous system, immune system and certain health conditions endorse the benefits of the practice. At the same time, the field of yoga therapeutics and stress-reduction are growing, based on the positive impact findings of adapting yoga for rest and renewal purposes.

Restorative Yoga with Divya

I am not a mind or body therapist, but through years of study, training and teaching Restorative Yoga I have seen, as well as experienced personally, the profound effects of this practice which can be felt within one session.

I continue to study and refine the teachings I offer under the guidance of two mentors whose life work has been dedicated to the understanding and teaching of Restorative Yoga.

I have seen how a regular practice of Restorative (at least once a week) can lead to:

Improvement of stress-related conditions, improvement in sleep patterns, deeper and more sustained experience of equanimity or peaceful states of mind, less anxiety, management of anxiety/stress and certain depressive conditions, contentment found within and not reliant on external factors or things, better coping of difficult situations and loses, improved breathing, circulation and body functioning, acceptance of past events, and a greater understanding of 
individual personal habits, patterns, desires and needs.

If you’ve not thought about Restorative Yoga before, or are new to Yoga, you could ask yourself:

  • do I want a contained space to be away from all other distractions?
  • do I know what deep rest feels like other than when I’m asleep?
  • do I measure my yoga practice or my life by external outcomes even though I know it’s how I feel inside that matters?
  • do I deserve to dedicated time to the healing my body without striving or getting tired?

The Restorative Yoga I currently offer:

  • a bespoke Restorative Practice Programme taught privately, and can take place in your home

Restorative practice is combined with Yin Yoga in the Friday night regular scheduled class at Yogaloft – click here (takes people to the Yin Yoga page)
  • Sunday afternoon Relaxation sessions, run monthly – click here (takes people to the News Page)
  • Workshops for Groups and Companies interested in stress-management, stress-reduction, and rest and renewal strategies – click here to contact me with your interest