Self Empower Your Journey Through Endometriosis
(and adenomyosis and menstrual related pain)

Do you or someone you know have endometriosis?

Do you wish you had something of your own, outside of medicine, surgery and supplements, to help you manage this painful and often debilitating condition?

If so, do read on…

If you’ve read this far, you will already know something about endometriosis. It’s a condition that can devastate lives and affects one in 8 women in the UK, and at least one in ten around the world.

Endometriosis can significantly impact a woman’s life in a number of ways. These include: Chronic pain; Fatigue; Lack of energy; Depression; Isolation; Problems with a couple’s sex life/relationships; Fertility issues or Infertility; Difficulty in fulfilling work and social commitments

There are plenty of Information websites on the condition, I’ve included links to two reliable resource portals below.

I’m here to share with you I might be able to help, if it’s you or someone you know with endometriosis.

Yoga for Endometriosis Programme

Yoga practised in a certain way, with understanding of fundamental yogic philosophy, alongside Mindfulness and its qualities of being, can collectively bring physical and emotional relief, long-term benefit and mental peace to a sufferer of endometriosis.

Alongside 20 years of yoga and meditation training and experience, I have had 13 years of enduring endometriosis.

Through my own experience of the condition and over a decade of study and enquiry into how I can use natural means to manage it, I have come to experience first-hand, and through helping other women, how Yoga and Mindfulness are the most useful and impactful tool for self-empowered management of endometriosis.

I am keen to offer help to as many women as possible who may or may not have had surgeries, or other medical treatments or interventions.

For my own healing and management of the symptoms of endometriosis, and to just be able to ‘get up in the morning and go to work’, I have found and developed a programme based on:

  • specific yoga practices and routines
  • forms of breath work
  • elements of mind-body stress management & pain management techniques
  • mindfulness meditation
  • yoga and mindfulness philosophy


“The sessions with Divya not only helped me relax and deal with the pain better, but gave me a whole new way of relating to the condtion and a powerful resource to tap into whenever I needed it.

I cannot thank Divya enough,”
-Emily, Human Rights Advocate, London

My Story

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my mid-30s, but symptoms were there from much earlier. I have had 3 laparoscopic procedures and been put on various medications over the years – which have either not worked or had bad side effects. I stopped taking any medication or medical interventions in my 40s.

Over the years I have also experienced a long line of ‘holistic’ experts and tried modalities such as acupuncture and nutritional therapy. These things DO help many women. It just so happens that in my case nothing worked. I have connected with many other women who have been through similar journeys, although every one of our journeys is unique.

I found improvement in my symptoms several years ago, and an inner capacity to manage the effects of endometriosis through creating and following a particular way of practising yoga (including knowing what to avoid in yoga) and relaxation-based protocols, together with specific  meditation and breathwork tools .






Ways I can help You:


One to One: Yoga for Endometriosis Programme (recommended if you have the time and resource)
Private one-to-one tuition, taking you through the Yoga for Endometriosis programme, over the course of 8 weeks / 8 sessions.
This Programme encompasses:

-Restorative yoga – for mind body healing and health
-Restorative yoga – for symptoms relating to the female reproductive system, hormonal and immune systems
-Pain management
-Mindfulness meditation
-Yoga nidra
-Life values and lifestyle habits


• Bespoke Private Yoga and Meditation for your Journey
Whether you already have a yoga and meditation practice, or would like to start one, we can begin with ‘where you are now’, on your journey with endometriosis. This will take the same format as Private One to One Yoga, with a focus on your health and wellbeing needs.


• Workshops: Yoga + Mindfulness for Endometriosis
These are toured around the UK. Email for latest and upcoming workshops.


Contact Divya with your Endometriosis enquiry to:


Links for Information on Endometriosis: