About Restorative Yoga

About Restorative Yoga

 “Surrender opens the door to receiving” – Panache Desai

Restorative Yoga is the radical, counter-cultural practice of…being.

Sounds simple, to just be… but this is a state and experience our age and culture does not lend itself to. Nor are most of us familiar with it, and nowadays a constant state of doing is drilled in from pre-school.

In the practice of Restorative Yoga, we unplug literally from the external world and outside distractions and create a fully supported body, with props and very specific postures. Guidance is given on breath and thoughts and mind, moving towards a state of simply being. In that state, we feel free.

This class has multi purposes and will support you on any given day to: recharge your batteries, find peace, relax body and mind, and reconnect to yourself.

Restorative Yoga has also been shown to help manage and even heal physical conditions as well as psychological and emotional imbalances.

I love Restorative Yoga for many reasons, one of them being it gives me a ‘go to place’ to truly, genuinely, unplug and feel free for a while.

I am an Advanced Accredited Restorative Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance advanced qualified).


Restorative Yoga with Divya

Through years of study, training and teaching Restorative Yoga I have seen, as well as experienced personally, the profound effects of this practice which can be felt within one session and accumulate beyond the physical and mental over time. I currently offer:


Restorative Yoga: Sundays 6.30 – 7.30pm

To book, please scroll to Sunday 6.30pm and your chosen date here:  click here

Restorative Yoga also offered:

  • Deep Rest Programme, a weekend non-residential course for finding and developing better rest in your life – click here
  • Private Restorative Practice & Programme taught one-to-one, or in small groups, and can take place in your home – click here
  • Weekend Restorative Events – see Events or enquire to: yogawithdivya@hotmail.co.uk
  • Stress Management & Mindfulness + Restorative Workshops – on request, for stress-reduction, and rest and renewal strategies – enquire to: yogawithdivya@hotmail.co.uk
restorative yoga with divya