A Compassion Retreat: experience the fundamentals of compassion for your deep inner wellbeing, and care 

Date: Saturday 5th September 2020
Time: 2.30 – 5.30pm
Place: Wherever you are – livestream via zoom
Price: £22 / £18 early bird (until 18th August)  tickets here

This is a special half day retreat event.
Experience the inner depths of compassion and come away with a greater understanding of what compassion is and how to bring more of into your life for your well-being and for the care of others.

While compassion is as old as the human race (literally, it sits in the oldest part of our brain), the idea of studying and developing compassion is relatively new. This event therefore presents an exciting opportunity for those with interest in not only their own well-being, but in how to live with more efficacy and balance in the support of others: be they loved ones, friends, colleagues, community members and those who might be at disadvantage in society.

Just as mindfulness has been proven to support and enhance our health, minds and lives, so too compassion has now also been scientifically proven to benefit our well-being on all levels. We can train our minds to be compassionate and mindful, and in the process access a wider understanding of ourselves and the world.

On this session you will learn:

  • What compassion is and its roots as a theory and practice

  • How compassion relates to our emotions, thoughts and actions

  • Tools for training and accessing compassion

This event will be a mix of online learning, discussion, exercises and interaction through question and answers.

To register for this event click here