About My Logo

The logo represents: the meaning of yoga, holistic health, relationship between who we are to yoga to life to the universe; and the elements that make up ‘wholeness’ when in balance.

The four points of the petals represent the four ways to practice Yoga and how each way contributes to the whole. They are:
  • self and life study
  • body and mind care
  • service/role in life
  • devotion to something other than self
The circle represents unity, no separation between the parts of ourselves, and between our source and original source.
The square signifies balance, finding balance in breath, mind, emotions and who we are, balance in nature.

The triangle has these three qualities – harmony pure balance, passion and action, darkness and passivity which in turn can represent the three essential constant acts of life – creation, destruction and preservation.

The colour blue: represents the heart chakra, Anahata, which houses will, courage, devotion and connection between two souls.

Thank you for reading. I hope when you see my logo you will consider the deeper meaning.
With love,