“The retreat with Divya was a wonderful way to explore both yoga and meditation. Divya did everything with care and love. The atmosphere was beautiful and there were unforgettable moments, especially how I felt after the afternoon sessions. Thank you for this retreat experience which I will treasure forever”

Maria, HR Manager

“What a really rich weekend”

Emily, policy maker

“I want to express so much gratitude for this past weekend, for reconnecting me with my love for the practice, particularly the softer, more gentle elements of what we do. I find how you hold space so simple and beautiful, it really invites me to be present and inquisitive and curious about the elements of my own being that I so often overlook.”

Michael, senior yoga teacher

“I got so much out of the weekend, learnt a lot, thank you”

Sue, counsellor

“A weekend of bliss! It was all my most favourite things wrapped into a weekend: some calm, yoga, cosy blanket time, moments to chill, some exercise, some giggles, delicious healthy food, 4’o’clock cake time (!), good company, interesting people. A moment to confront, escape and press pause, whilst engaging in something that feeds my soul and that I adore, with like minded people. So refreshing and so special.”

Juliet, events manager

“The weekend has really helped to ease the un-ease I had been experiencing. I feel renewed for sure, so much so, that people have clearly noticed and my energy levels are now wonderfully high!”

Alexis, software analyst

“This retreat with Divya totally exceeded all expectations. I really loved the setting and the accommodation hosts. This was a great mix of lovely yoga, good food, great company and a really relaxed atmosphere!”

Sarah, Henley Business School

“The retreat affected me not only on a physical level but also on a deeply emotional and spiritual level. Divya has a unique way to combine the physical and spiritual practices of yoga. I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of this experience and look forward to learning much more from this outstanding teacher and all round amazing soul.”

John, electrical contractor

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the yoga retreat and how much I feel I personally got out of it, not just on a physical level either. I love yoga but this year had done very little practice due to life events and I actually felt I’d lost my confidence with it. The retreat, and you, have given me that confidence back. You’re the best yoga teacher I have come across and I loved listening to you talk. You have inspired me!”

Emma, Investment Manager