Date: Saturday 29th June 2019
Place: details coming soon
Time: 2 – 5pm
Price: £30

This special afternoon is a mix of practice, learning, and space and opportunity to unplug, relax and reconnect to yourself in a serene setting. There will be periods of guided sitting meditation, silence, walking meditation, body scan relaxation, chocolate mindful eating and Q&A.

Suitable for:
Anyone interested in meditation, including newcomers to mindfulness and regular practitioners.

Booking & Venue:

Details coming soon.


About the Teacher:
Divya is a London-based mindfulness-based yoga and meditation teacher with 20+ years’ experience of practice and study.
She has trained in Eastern and Western forms of meditation and yoga, in the UK, India and US, and ultimately has found life changing impact from secular based mindfulness practice.

Her aim is to make the practice of mindfulness (be it through meditation or yoga) relevant to our modern lives and accessible, while respecting and sharing the benefits and discipline that this ancient mind-body tradition can offer us today.

She says:
“Mindfulness meditation is not just a powerful self-support tool – it benevolently changes the way you relate to everything in your life and yourself. For this to happen, it requires practice and undoubtedly the best way to learn, if one can, is with a teacher and others.”