Date: Sunday 19th May
Place: Yogaloft, Queens Park, London
Time: 3 – 5pm
Price: £25

Find peace and a re-balanced state through this 2 hour dive into relaxation for the body, mind and spirit.

Restorative yoga is where we come into yoga postures that are fully supported (floor-based, using the earth and yoga props). As well as getting clear guidance in this workshop on the postures and how to make them work for your body and needs, you will be given cues and instruction to help you ‘permit’ all layers of being to let go and feel supported. In this way, the mind and body get time, space and opportunity to unravel both temporary and deep held tension and stress.

Suitable for:

Everyone, though if you have a medical condition or injury, check with me first.

Booking & Venue:

Held in the beautiful studio of Yogaloft, in central Queens Park, 3 Lonsdale Road, London NW6 6RA

You can book online below and pre-booking is strongly advised to secure your place.
Or call Yogaloft to book on the telephone on: 0207 625 2645

restorative yoga with divya