Saturday Yin Yoga Workshop

 Saturday 1st June
Time: 3 – 5pm
Place: LRRA Hall, 1 Dresden Close, West Hampstead / Finchley Road, London NW6 1XP
Price: £20
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A two hour event guiding you through a Yin Yoga sequence for:

-skilfully stimulating and stretching tissues and areas of tightness in the body

-working with the breath and energy of the body

-finding wholeness and equilibrium

Yin yoga, where we hold floor-based yoga postures for a number of minutes at a time, has become popular in studios and centres across the land. But like any yoga, HOW we do it is crucial and essential to its benefits.

Yin yoga isn’t just stretching and getting quiet.

Yin yoga is a forum to appreciate what is going on inside of our bodies and with our energy, and being really authentic and caring with what we find there.

All welcome.

*If you are working with an injury or health issue, drop me a message to check you’re ok to attend.

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