Date: Saturday 28th March 2020
Time: 2.30 – 5pm
Place: LRRA Hall, 1 Dresden Close, West Hampstead / Finchley Road, London NW6 1XP
Price: £25
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On the cusp of the clocks going forward, days will be notably lighter – Spring is here.

Welcome the new lighter brighter season with an afternoon of joyful yoga, breath work and meditation.

This event offers:

-1 hour of Yin Yoga – deep, slow, floor-based stretches; to remember what it feels like to be really embodied, to get the inner energy free flowing and release any blocks

-1 hour of Yang Yoga – classical Yoga postural practice, a mix of holding postures and some flow, taking the body from the earth, to standing, opening the chest and back, stretching the muscles, strengthening the core and legs

-30 minutes Pranayama and Dhyana – yogic breathing for balancing the mind and once centred meditation for ultimate inner and outer connection and unity.

This session is welcome to all.
Note: if you are brand new to yoga or if you have an injury or health condition, best drop me a line first and check that this afternoon will be suitable for you.

All welcome.

*If you are working with an injury or health issue, drop me a message to check you’re ok to attend.

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