Learn Mindfulness Meditation 

Date: Sunday 19th January 2019
Place: LRRA Hall, 1 Dresden Close, West Hampstead, London nw6 7qn
Time: 3 – 5pm
Price: £20


Start the New Year learning something that will support every part of your life and being.

Mindfulness Meditation is a practice that has been around for thousands of years, but has entered the mainstream in recent times as a powerful invaluable tool for managing stress and finding calm in today’s fast paced complex life.

In this event, you will be offered:

-Introduction to Mindfulness, what it is and what it is not

-Guided instruction and practice of three Mindfulness based Meditations, including Breath, Body and Mountain

-What mindfulness practice can bring to your life, as backed by ample evidence-based research

-How to get started with your practice

Suitable for:
Absolute newcomers to meditation, beginners, and also those already with meditation practice looking to find out more about Mindfulness or refresh their practice.

Booking & Venue:
Hall is based 7 – 10 minute walk from Finchley Road and West Hampstead tubes and Thameslink, and one minute from the Finchley Road & Frognal overground. Parking is available in surrounding roads (metred parking on Saturdays).

Booking is via online to reserve space, payment is in person an arrival.

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About the Teacher:
Divya is a London-based mindfulness-based yoga and meditation teacher with 20+ years’ experience of practice and study.
She has trained in Eastern and Western forms of meditation and yoga, in the UK, India and US, and ultimately has found life changing impact from secular based mindfulness practice.

Her aim is to make the practice of mindfulness (be it through meditation or yoga) relevant to our modern lives and accessible, while respecting and sharing the benefits and discipline that this ancient mind-body tradition can offer us today.

She says:
“Mindfulness meditation is not just a powerful self-support tool – it benevolently changes the way you relate to everything in your life and yourself.
For this to happen, it requires practice and undoubtedly the best way to learn, if one can, is with a teacher and others.”



Yin Yoga and Meditation with Divya

Yin Yoga + Meditation

Date: Saturday 9th February, 2019
Place: LRRA Hall, 1 Dresden Close, London nw6 1xp
Time: 3.30 – 5.30pm
Price: £20

Yin Yoga is the practice of long-held, floor-based yoga–inspired postures.
It is deep, slow, meditative in quality and approach and can help:

-release deeply held tension
-calm the mind
-get insight into where we are holding tension or fear
-release space within body and mind
-find lightness and freedom through the body

This 2 hour Session will offer:

-1.5 hour Yin Yoga

-30 minute Meditation

Yin Yoga is an ideal practice to prepare body, mind and spirit for the quieter deeper discipline of Meditation.

All Welcome.
*if you have an injury or health condition, message me prior to booking.

To Book:
Click here

Venue address:
LRRA Hall,
1 Dresden Close
London NW6 1XP
-walking distance to West Hampstead and Finchley Road tubes, overground and thamelink, with car parking metres in surrounding roads
Map link here

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