“Divya hosted a series of Mindfulness sessions for our team, where attendees had varying levels of experience with mindfulness and/or meditation. She was engaging and inclusive, did a great job educating those new to mindfulness and/or meditation and gave us useful resources and guidance that we could usebeyond the sessions as well.”
International Investment Bank, Corporate Client, London


There are many ways to learn and practice mindfulness, but the evidence shows that having a teacher or guide to learn from and practice with is by far the most effective way to understand and get the benefits from the practice.

Whether you are new to mindfulness or meditation, or already have a practice or are using meditation apps or have questions, I can help you in the following ways:

Private Tuition

This can take place in your home, workplace or in a studio rented by the hour.

Workplace Mindfulness

This can be offered as an Introduction Day or Afternoon, part of the company’s Wellbeing initiative, or regular scheduled sessions in the workplace.

Offering employees a ‘space’ for time-out, re-focusing, re-connection, de-stressing and clarity not only improves their wellbeing, but the atmosphere of the entire workforce.

Mindfulness Training and Events
These are organised throughout the year and are an enjoyable way to learn as well as a chance to practice with others. Group meditation practice has a powerful effect. See ‘Events’ page for upcoming sessions.

This can take place: in your home, in a studio (£20 per hour rental rate), in

This can take the form of:

A series of 4 private sessions
To start your practice, develop your technique, learn 4 main practices, and sustain it for your daily life and the rest of your life

I see my role as not only to guide and teach you, but to make the Meditation practice as accessible for you as it can be, to make it relevant to your personal lifestyle, and to be there to support you when you have questions or when life’s curve balls throw you off course.

Drop me a line with your interest and questions for developing your Mindfulness-based practice to this email address and I’ll get back to you:

e: yogawithdivya@hotmail.co.uk

Learn Mindfulness with Divya