Date: Saturday 30th May
Time: 3 – 5pm
Price: £15
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Learn the fundamentals of Meditation and Get Started on Your Practice

The mental, physical and emotional benefits of regularly meditating are numerous and science backed.  Meditation is now considered a health-giving activity.

If you are interested in developing a meditation practice it is helpful to understand exactly what meditation is (and isn’t) and your options for how to engage with it.

If your motivation is purely spiritual, this workshop will still be of interest to you as it will cover differences such as meditating for insight and meaning, or for stress reduction and calm.

This is an interactive *Livestream workshop covering:

• the fundamentals of meditation: meaning and application
• types of ways to meditate
• how it can help you in your life
• how to start practising

This workshop will be a mix of information sharing, some practising and Q&A.  You can forward any questions in advance of the date to the teacher, via

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