Yoga Classes and Descriptions

Through a mindful practice of Yoga, Divya aims to help her students develop a stronger body, calmer mind and true sense of self.

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I teach in a way so that yoga’s therapeutic benefits are optimised. I encourage fluidity of movement and thought – even when holding still in a posture, we can breathe life into the body and explore on a non-verbal level.

Through such a practice, one has access to self-discovery, a stronger connection to one’s true values and to what is positive in the world around us.

Classes are creative and always respectful of individual need and context.

Styles of Yoga Offered:

Classic Hatha – postures and breathwork based on fundamental principles of the ancient science, art and practice of Yoga

Hatha Flow – postures and breathwork seamed together for a flowing practice

Restorative & Yin – long held passive postures for deep stress release, rejuvenation of the body’s systems and developing a calmer state of being

Yoga Therapeutics – sequences of movement, breathwork and relaxation techniques to meet individual health and wellbeing needs

Meditation and Pranayama – focused attention on developing a meditation and breath work as a personal practice

Classic Hatha – all levels

Class based on the fundamentals and principles of classic Yoga. Designed to calm, as well as strengthen and invigorate, this Hatha yoga class offers breath-centred mindful movement and covers the foundation range of poses (asanas) and breath control (pranayama). Students are encouraged to tune in to their bodies’ individual needs. Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

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