Through a deep practice of Yoga, Divya aims to help her students develop a stronger body, calmer mind and liberating sense of self.

For The Whole Being

Yoga is an ancient practice and philosophy designed to touch and balance all parts of our being.

Yoga sages and philosophy say we are each made of our: body, mind, wellbeing, emotions, consciousness, relationships, actions and path in the world. They also say we carry an energy around us and a vital spirit that is beyond the changes and ups and downs of life. Yoga, which translates as ‘union’ or ‘to unite’, connects all these parts of our being and our awareness of our spirit that is not limited by personality or circumstance.

For us today, Yoga can provide a set of tools and wisdom for: feeling well in our bodies and minds, handling the stresses of modern life, healing, personal growth and development, and feeling free from within. Senior Yoga teacher Divya consciously studies the practice in a way that honours its foundations and she teaches to help us find, or ‘re-discover’, that feeling of Wholeness.

Yoga With Divya

London-based and a dedicated practitioner since 2000, Divya has been a full time senior level teacher since 2006, offering drop-in classes, retreats, courses and bespoke tuition to help the individual on their path. A community has grown organically through her time in teaching, connecting like-minded souls across north and west London, and beyond.

A mindful practice of Asana (the physical postures), is accompanied by breathing techniques (Pranayama) and meditation guidance in every class she teaches.

“I teach in a way so that yoga’s physical, philosophical and spiritual benefits can be felt as we practice. I encourage fluidity of movement and thought – even when holding still in a posture. Being with our breath and sensations, and allowing for whatever arises in the moment is liberating as well as healing”.

Her inspiration is drawn from eastern sources as well as modern psychological thought. Her own teacher training spans the strong discipline of classical Indian yoga and meditation traditions, as well as the evolved approaches to the body and mind in the West.

A former newspaper journalist, and with a Masters in English Literature from Cambridge University, Divya has a continued deep passion for writing and using words like we use the breath in yoga: as a way to connect deeply.

“I teach with the bigger picture in mind: we’re doing Yoga so that we can find and experience an optimal state of being, and from yoga practice we enter into peaceful flow state that helps us navigate the ebbs and flows of life. From this place, we can live and connect with others in a natural, non-stressful and fulfilling way, carrying within us a peace that feels like home.”


From me to you, Namaste.

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About My Logo


I designed the logo to represent: the meaning of yoga, how yoga unites who we are to the universe; and the elements that make up ‘wholeness’ in a human being when in balance.

The four points of the petals represent the four ways to practice Yoga and how each way contributes to the whole. They are:
  • study of life and the self
  • care of body and mind
  • devotion to something bigger / beyond the self
  • role and service in life
The circle represents unity, no separation between the parts of ourselves, and between our source and original source.
The square signifies balance, finding balance in breath, mind, emotions and who we are, balance in nature.

The triangle has these three qualities – harmony pure balance, passion and action, darkness and passivity which in turn can represent the three essential constant acts of life – creation, destruction and preservation.

The colour blue is the Throat energy centre, called Visuddhi.
This chakra / energy centre represents being true to who we are, discovering who we are and expressing that outward, being in the world in a way that reflects the truth of our spirit.

Thank you for reading. I hope when you see my logo you will remember your own wholeness.