Hatha Yoga: for stronger bodies and calmer minds

Yoga With Divya

Restorative Yoga and Meditation

Every month on a Sunday in Queens Park, north west London:
3.45 – 5.45pm
£20 (pre-booking advised, numbers are limited)

10th September
15th October
26th November
17th December 2017

Venue: Yogaloft, 3 Lonsdale Road, Queens Park, London NW6 6RAIn the classical tradition, the practice of yoga was designed to prepare us for meditation, a state of deeper contemplation.

These Sunday afternoon sessions are designed for calm, de-stressing and finding quiet within.I will guide you through restorative yoga poses, using props, which are held for a while to feel supported and release from deep-held mental and physical tension.

The session leads into guided meditation practice. The result is immediate: feeling lighter, whole and more centred. In the long term, the effects are abiding strength, equanimity of mind and a desire to live life in a way that positively impacts society.

These sessions are ideal if you:

> are seeking a slow or meditative practice
> want to complement a dynamic yoga or physical activity practice
> need an antidote to a busy lifestyle
> are new or experienced to yoga/meditation and wish to include more of these practices into your life

Venue: Yogaloft Studio, 3 Lonsdale Road, Queens Park, London NW6 6RA
Getting there: free parking in surrounding roads, Queens Park tube and overground.

Mats and props will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer.

To book:
Ring up the yoga studio venue and book direct (advised): 0207 625 2645

Any questions, message me at: yogawithdivya@hotmail.co.uk